Soft Top, Round Stern Workboat

Soft Top, Round Stern Workboat

Description: Early working vessels on the Chesapeake Bay had elliptical sterns that evolved into round sterns, as shown on our Soft Top deadrise model. Round stern workboats were functional and attractive. Many were built in this style. The canvas soft top was used when watermen needed protection from the sun and rain.

Features: Wooden construction, fully assembled, ready to display. Includes engine box, dual control stations, tiller steering, culling table, antenna, lights, horn, hand rails, soft top with tie-downs, portholes, windows, life ring, fire extinguisher and exhaust pipe. Boat is white, with gray cockpit floor and copper/red bottom paint. Includes wooden stand, painted black.

Dimensions: Boat is 34.00” long X 10.25” wide X 8.25” high (when mounted on stand). Antenna adds 6” to height. Model is approx. 1:12 scale. Boat is removable from stand.

Part Number: WST



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