Are your models kits that I have to build?

No, all of our models come FULLY ASSEMBLED. All you have to do is remove them from their packaging and put them on display in your home, office or elsewhere - for you and your friends and family to enjoy for years to come!

What materials are used in the creation of your models?

All of our models are constructed of wood, with some detail pieces being metal or resin.

Can I get a personalized name on my model?

Yes, this is a popular option. You can have your selected name put on the transom and/or both sides of the bow of your model. Personalization details are listed in our personalization section.

Do you make custom models?

Making custom (one-off) models is not really our focus so I’ll say “maybe”. It really depends on the type of boat model you desire and the level of complexity involved. Also depends on your budget because custom boat models can be costly. Please contact us if you would like to discuss.

Can I get my model in a different color?

In the real world, almost all Chesapeake Bay workboats are white, which is why all of our models are white. However, they’re wood, so they’re paintable and if a different color is desired, it might be best if you tackle this task yourself.

How big are your models?

Dimensions for all of our boat models are listed on the individual description pages for each model. In general, most of our workboat models are about 30-32” in length and our skiffs are about half this length.

What scale are your models?

The approx. scale for each model is listed on the individual description pages for each model. We do not have a single scale used for all boats. Most of our boats are close to 1:12 scale (one inch = one foot in real life). Some are built to slightly different scales.

Can I actually float my model or adapt it for radio control (R/C) purposes?

Our models are “static” models, designed for display purposes only. We do not encourage attempts to float them in the Chesapeake Bay or your local pond or swimming pool, nor do we encourage you to attempt to convert them to R/C models.

How can I obtain a price list for all of your products?

The price for all boat models and accessories is listed after the individual description for each item. We don’t actively publish a price list. However, if it would be convenient for you to have this, please click here for a current Price List.

What payment methods do you accept?

Through our website, we accept PayPal and all major credit cards. We also accept checks and if you want to mail us your order, with a check, please click here for a printable Order Form.

From where are your models shipped?

We ship from Berlin, Maryland (near Ocean City, MD).

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, with a few exceptions, we will essentially ship anywhere. Please contact us to discuss shipping to locations outside the U.S.

What are your packaging standards?

We take great care in packaging all of our products. For boat models, double-walled cartons are used, along with extra internal padding. We do our best to eliminate potential damage in transit. Most orders ship via UPS or USPS.

Will you deliver my order or can I pick up my order?

If your “ship to” address is not too far from the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, we “may” arrange personal delivery of your order. Likewise, though we do not have a retail store location, we will consider making special arrangements should you desire to pick up your order.

Do your display cases come assembled?

The standard configuration of our display cases is “unassembled” and this results in much lower shipping costs. It just takes a screwdriver, some patience and some time to assemble them. Our thinking is “if we can build it, you can build it” but if special circumstances are involved, we’ll consider building it for you (extra charge may be involved). We encourage you to have a dialog with us for issues such as this.

How long does it take to ship?

It is important to be aware of the estimated “lead time to ship”, which is listed after the individual description for each boat model. Many of our boats will ship in one week or less, while some require a bit more time. Most of our accessories will ship immediately. Personalization (your name on your boat) generally adds 7-10 days to the lead time. If there is an urgency to your order, please let us know.

How can I get answers to questions not listed on your FAQ page?

Please get in touch with us (bruceblackway@gmail.com) or phone (215-290-3722). All of your questions will be answered. Thank you for your interest in our innovative line of boat models and accessories.