After spending a lot of time on the Chesapeake Bay, beginning in 1954, I've come to love the beauty and tranquility (at times), along with the myriad of watercraft found on the Bay and every river and creek that leads to it. In particular, I've become familiar with the Eastern Shore from the C&D Canal down to Crisfield, MD. I've been to Smith Island a couple of times (interesting place), I've spent time on Tilghman Island (nice), I've visited Deltaville, VA (to buy a boat) and I've visited Poquoson, VA (still can't pronounce it). There are lots of great places on the Bay and lots of places I've yet to explore.  

I really like Chesapeake deadrise workboats - the way they look, their various unique features and the way they cut through the water. I've come to appreciate the differences between round sterns and box sterns, Maryland and Virginia workboats and the differences in maritime state laws watermen must follow.

Many books about the Bay are in my library. I was surprised to read many watermen can't swim. I was surprised to learn "Sea Mist Green" is a common color for interiors of certain workboats. I was surprised to read about the crazy "oyster wars" from many years ago. And I've learned lots of other illuminating facts.

My dad’s first boat was a 28' Chesapeake deadrise, converted from workboat to basic cabin cruiser. I didn't know it then but my exposure to that boat resulted in a lifetime of boating activity, most of it centered around the Bay. By the way, that's me in the photo below (far right) on my dad's boat in June 1963!

In 2017, I started Blackway Boat Models as a side enterprise. The goal was, and still is, to offer a line of handcrafted wooden deadrise workboat models and matching miniature nautical accessories. We must be doing something right, as we've sold 400+ models since inception, along with countless miniature bushel baskets, crab nets, oyster tongs, oyster baskets, outboard motors and more. We'll keep it up, as long as our customers continue to tell us they love our products and the memories they invoke. To our previous (and future) customers - Thank You!

Bruce Blackway, Founder

Real photo of great-grandfather's boat