Smith Island Cake

Smith Island Cake

Description: We believe we may be the only company on planet earth selling a miniature version of a Smith Island Cake! Dating to the 1800’s and proclaimed the Official State Dessert of Maryland in Oct. 2008, this delicious cake originated on Smith Island, the only inhabited island in Maryland (10 miles west of Crisfield, MD). The most well-known version has chocolate icing on 8-10 thin layers of yellow cake, with overall dimensions of 3.50” high X 9” diameter (ours is resin and a good bit smaller). Unfortunately, you cannot eat our cake (sorry). Cakes are sold individually. Photos showing real cakes and multiple cakes are for display purposes only.   

Dimensions: Cake is approx. 1” high X 1.75” diameter, attached to white 2” diameter plate.

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