Skipjack, Sails Down, with Display Case

Skipjack, Sails Down, with Display Case

Description:  At one point, as many as 2,000 oyster dredging Skipjacks existed on the Bay. Of the few Skipjacks that remain, most are maintained as historical treasures. Some are also used for tourism purposes. Our beautiful model shows sails furled (sails down) to allow better viewing of complex rigging. Model and display case are wooden construction, fully assembled, with great attention to detail.

Features:  Two furled sails (mainsail and jib), blocks and rigging, wooden mast hoops, bowsprit and decorative trailboards, anchor windlass, two anchors with chain, dredge winder, dredge rollers, water barrel, captain’s wheel, aft cabin, deck houses, varnished steering box and hatches, centerboard, rudder and push boat (yawl boat) with varnished engine box, on black davits. Skipjack securely attached to two brass pedestals in beautiful mahogany finish display case. Five acrylic panels keep out dust and unwanted fingers. Velvet material on case bottom prevents furniture scratching.

Dimensions:  Display case, 29" long X 10" wide X 26" high. Skipjack, 24.50" long X 6" wide X 22" high. Total weight, 18 lbs.

Part Number: SKSD-DC



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