Oyster Tongs (Hand Tongs)

Oyster Tongs (Hand Tongs)

Description: Tonging has been done on the Chesapeake Bay since the early 1700s. It is still a popular, though arduous, process for retrieving oysters from the water. There are very few makers of real oyster tongs (hand tongs) today. Real tongs have two wood handles, 12-30’ long, a pivot point and steel tong heads that are usually rusty. Tong heads have teeth, used to break oysters loose from the reef where they are attached. We’re proud to introduce our Miniature Oyster Tongs. These tongs are quite realistic (though non-functional) and they fit our workboat product line well. Tongs are sold individually. Photos with multiple tongs are for display purposes only. Miniature oyster baskets (full or empty) are not included (but available elsewhere on our website).

Dimensions: Ash handles are 12” long, metal tong head is 2” wide and overall length of oyster tongs is 13” (approx. 1:12 scale)

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