Oyster Basket, Orange, Plastic, with Oysters

Oyster Basket, Orange, Plastic, with Oysters

Description: The more of these baskets you see on a real workboat, the happier the waterman will be. Using various methods, including hand tonging, harvested oysters are collected in orange plastic baskets with two white handles, baskets that look almost exactly like our new miniature oyster baskets. And we’ve taken our miniature version one step further by filling each basket with oysters! Oysters (loose) are cleaned, dried and crushed oyster shells. Very realistic accessory. Oyster baskets are sold individually. Photos with multiple baskets are for display purposes only. Miniature dock is not included (but available elsewhere on our website).

Dimensions: 1.75” diameter X 1.25” high, approx. 1:12 scale

Part Number: OB2



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