Miniature Oyster Tub

Miniature Oyster Tub

Description: Miniature wooden oyster tub represents the day's harvest of oysters. From a waterman's viewpoint, the more tubs, the better! Each wood tub (barrel) includes two metal lifting handles. Each tub is also filled with REAL oyster shells (cleaned, dried and glued in place). Make your workboat models more realistic with oyster tubs in the cockpit. Tubs are sold individually. Every tub is slightly different. Photo with multiple tubs is for display purposes only. Lastly, coming soon, a related new item - Miniature Oyster Tongs/Hand Tongs! 

Tub Dimensions: 1.50" dia. X 1.00" high (approx. 1:12 scale)

Lead Time to Ship:  1-2 days 

Part Number:  OT1



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