Outboard Motor Display Stand (Painted to Match Motor)

Outboard Motor Display Stand (Painted to Match Motor)

Description:  Miniature outboard motor display stand is constructed of wood and formed wire. For use mainly with our miniature outboards but may fit other motors, too. Very similar to real stand. Metal framework is gray. Lower tray acts as drip pan. Stable stand, reduces chance of outboard tipping. Outboard stands are sold individually. Miniature outboard motors are NOT included (available elsewhere on our website).

PLEASE NOTE: Varnished wood version of this stand has been discontinued. New version is the same except wood pieces are painted to match the colors of our miniature outboards. BLUE stand matches our Blue Evinrude, RED stand matches our Red Johnson and GREEN stand matches our Green Johnson. If you order a motor at the same time, we will assume you want the stand color to match the motor color. If your plans are different from this, please let us know.

Dimensions: Wood base, 4" X 4". Metal framework, 2-1/2" wide X 2-1/2" deep. Upper mounting block, 1-3/16" long X 9/16" high X 5/32" thick. Overall height, 3-3/8".  

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