Outboard Motor, 1957 Johnson, Red, with Gas Tank

Outboard Motor, 1957 Johnson, Red, with Gas Tank

Description: Based on classic red 1957 Johnson 18 HP Sea Horse outboard. Includes period-correct decals, lots of accurate features and red “Mile-Master” 6-gallon gas tank with twin gas lines. Motor and tank are constructed of cast polyresin. Hand painted. Outboard motor is approx. 1:10 scale and non-functional (display purposes only). OUTBOARD DISPLAY STANDS SHOWN IN PHOTOS ARE NOT INCLUDED (THOUGH AVAILABLE ELSEWHERE ON OUR WEBSITE).  

Dimensions: 4.65” high X 1.35” wide X 3.65” deep (to front of steering handle). Mounting bracket is .18” deep (front-to-rear), non-adjustable. Motor is for installation on boats and stands with mounting surface .18” thick or less. Gas tank, .85” high (1.17” to top of fill cap) X 1.07” wide X 1.60” long with dual 8” gas lines. Gas lines attach to port side of motor (or can be coiled around tank or removed entirely).

Part Number: OBRJ



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