Half Hull, Skipjack, Medium, 10" Lg.

Half Hull, Skipjack, Medium, 10" Lg.

Background: Skipjack sailboats first appeared on the Chesapeake Bay in the late 1800’s. Most Skipjacks are 40’ to 55’ in length. Well suited for oyster harvesting, at one time there were hundreds of these vessels on the Bay. A decline in oyster harvests, combined with the aging of the fleet and other factors, has resulted in a very limited number of these boats remaining today. The Skipjack was officially designated Maryland State Boat in 1985. This half hull shows the primary lines of the historic Skipjack Rosie Parks and she is a perfect nautical display for your home or office.

Half Hull Details: Skipjack is cast polyresin (not wood), hand painted, mounted on an attractive mahogany-stained hardwood display board, with brass nameplate. Boat is 8.50” long (1/8” = 1’ scale). Display board is 10” long X 4” high.

Part Number: HHSK-M



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