Half Hull, Draketail, Small, 5" Lg.

Half Hull, Draketail, Small, 5" Lg.

Background: Draketails were the first workboats on the Bay to receive gasoline motors, allowing them to go faster and travel farther than sailing vessels. Typically 30’ to 45’ in length and often referred to as “Hooper Island” Draketails, their Chesapeake Bay deadrise design and narrow beam was perfectly suited for turbulent Bay waters. Eventually, the draketail stern was replaced by the more popular box stern seen today on many Bay workboats. In 1988, the Chesapeake Bay Deadrise was designated the state boat of Virginia.

Half Hull Details: Draketail is cast polyresin (not wood), hand painted, mounted on a mahogany- stained hardwood display board. Boat is 3.25” long (1/16” = 1’ scale). Oval display board is 5” long X 2.25” high. Model can be wall-mounted or used as an ornament.

Part Number: HHDK-S



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