Half Hull, Buy Boat, Medium

Half Hull, Buy Boat, Medium

Background: Buy Boats were “go between” motorized vessels on the Bay throughout the 1900’s, buying the harvest (oysters, crabs, fish) from the watermen and powering the goods back to the docks. This process allowed watermen to maximize their harvesting efforts. Initially seafood-oriented, Buy Boats later handled cargo such as produce, carrying these goods to various ports throughout the Bay. Buy Boats were 45’ to 84’ in length, wooden construction, with a mast and boom for handling the cargo. Very few Buy Boats remain on the Bay today. Some of the survivors have been converted to pleasure boats.

Half Hull Details: Buy Boat is cast polyresin (not wood), hand painted, mounted on an attractive mahogany-stained hardwood display board, with brass nameplate. Boat is 8” long (1/8” = 1’ scale). Display board is 10” long X 4” high.

Part Number: HHBB-M



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