Draketail Workboat

Draketail Workboat

Description: Draketail workboats have a distinctive rounded stern with a "reverse rake" transom. Draketails (also called Dovetails) originated on Hoopers Island, MD and they were among the first workboats outfitted with a gasoline engine. Draketails have a narrow beam, resulting in higher speeds than other workboats. This led to some of these vessels being used during Prohibition for transporting alcohol! The Draketail design eventually gave way to the more popular Box Stern design. Few Draketails still exist today.

Features: Wooden construction, fully assembled, ready to display. Draketail includes anchor and chain, chocks, bitts, navigation lights, hand rails, horn, cabin windows and portholes, cabin interior, varnished cabin door, fire extinguisher, life ring, engine box, exhaust pipe, dual control stations, rope steering, tiller stick, gas tank and mounting bracket, prop and rudder. Boat is white, with gray cockpit and copper/red bottom paint. Display stand is black.

Dimensions: 32.00” long X 7.00” wide X 9.50” high, when mounted on stand. Model is approx. 1:16 scale. Weight (boat and stand), 3.5 lbs. Boat is removable from stand.

Part Number: DKT



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