Denzel The Vengeful Crab

Denzel The Vengeful Crab

Description: Denzel was caught once but he managed to escape - after spending time in the steamer (ouch). You've also eaten a lot of his relatives so he's really mad. Now he spends his time looking for his prey. Denzel's victims are unlucky folks, randomly selected. Now Denzel's coming for you. Victims vary with each order.

Cooked Chesapeake Bay crab replica is molded PVC, with 5.50" long metal mesh dip net with wood handle. Fantastic gift for crab lovers of all types.

Dimensions: Approx. 6.75" long X 5.50" wide X 1.50" high

Lead Time to Ship:  1-2 days 

Part Number:  RCRB-D



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