Crab Scrape

Crab Scrape

Description: The Smith Island Crab Scrape is a distinctly Chesapeake workboat, powered by a small inboard engine and ideally suited for crabbing the waters near Smith Island and Tangier Island. On board is a scrape device (special dredge, with steel frame and flexible mesh netting) that is slowly dragged through underwater eelgrass, a favorite crab habitat. After a few minutes, the scrape is hauled on board and the waterman culls the contents. He keeps the legal-size crabs, separating them into compartments (peelers, busters and soft crabs), then tosses the remainder back into the Bay. This cycle is repeated many times each day. Crab scrapes are spartan vessels, typically 24-32' in length with a deadrise hull, box stern and shallow draft. Most have an overhead canopy for protection from the scorching summertime sun.

Features: Wood construction, fully assembled, ready to display. Crab Scrape model includes anchor and line, bitts, cleats, navigation lights, gas tank (beer keg), crab compartments, engine box, controls, exhaust pipe, fire extinguisher, battery box with cables, tiller steering stick, rope steering set-up, transmission cover, stern seat, side washboard culling areas, radio box, canopy with four uprights, 3-blade prop and rudder. An accurate miniature scrape device with netting and line is included. Lastly, for accuracy, model includes miniature crabs. Boat is painted white, with sea mist green interior and copper/red bottom paint. Wooden stand is painted black.

Dimensions: Crab Scrape is 24.00” long X 8.25” wide X 9.75” high, when mounted on stand. Model is approx. 1:12 scale. Weight (boat and stand) is 3 lbs. Boat is removable from stand.

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