Workboat, Waterline Model

Workboat, Waterline Model

Description:  This Chesapeake Bay Deadrise workboat is a unique “waterline model”.  As the name implies, she stops at the waterline.  This type of model is best suited for display on a horizontal surface such as a blue piece of glass or even a mirror, as opposed to having a stand.  The boat itself is a fine example of a typical workboat, with an open cockpit and plenty of space for crabbing, fishing and other Bay harvesting activities.  Waterline models also take up a bit less space, in case your display area is limited.

Features:  Wooden construction, fully assembled, ready to display. Engine box, dual control stations, antennas, lights, radar, hand rails, windows (black), life jacket storage compartment, box stern, crab net and boat hook. Boat is painted white, with gray cockpit floor, copper/red bottom paint and small felt pads on bottom. DISPLAY CASES DO NOT COME WITH BOAT MODELS.  ALL DISPLAY CASES ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.

Dimensions:  Waterline Model Workboat is 24.25” long X 9.00” wide X 7.25” high.  Antenna adds 1.75” to height.  Model is approx. 1:12 scale.

Lead Time to Ship:  1-2 weeks

Part Number: WWM



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