Workboat, Draketail

Workboat, Draketail

Description:  With a design partially based on torpedo boats and racing boats of the early 1900’s, Draketail workboats have a distinctive rounded stern with reverse rake transom. Draketails are attractive vessels (one of my favorites), originating on Hoopers Island, MD and they were among the first workboats outfitted with a gasoline engine. Draketails have a narrow beam and this resulted in higher speeds than other workboats. This led to some of these vessels being used during the Prohibition Era for transporting alcohol. In the mid-1900’s, these boats (also referred to as Dovetails or Ducktails, depending on their location on the Bay) eventually gave way to the more popular Box Stern style workboat.

Features:  Wooden construction, fully assembled, ready to display. Engine box with exhaust pipe with inverted bucket on top (accurate detail), dual control stations (including tiller steering set-up in stern), antenna, navigation lights, hand rails, clear windows, crab net and boat hook.  Boat is painted white, with gray cockpit, copper/red bottom paint and wooden stand, painted black. DISPLAY CASES DO NOT COME WITH BOAT MODELS.  ALL DISPLAY CASES ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.  

Dimensions:  Draketail Workboat model is 36.25” long X 7.00” wide X 11.00” high (when mounted on stand). Antenna adds 1.50” to height. Model is approx. 1:12 scale. Boat is removable from stand.

Lead Time to Ship:  2-3 weeks

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