Skiff with Evinrude Outboard

Skiff with Evinrude Outboard

Description:  Some kids (and adults) are fortunate to be able to advance from an oar-powered to an outboard-powered skiff.  This, to many, is the equivalent of getting a nautical driver’s license.  Our Skiff with Evinrude is cross-planked, with closed gunwales, two seats, a paddle and crabbing accessories.  The outboard motor is a very accurate miniature rendition of a 1957 Evinrude 18 HP motor, with gas tank and "twin gas lines" plus period-correct decals. It is NOT the motor shown in these skiff photos. Instead, I will UPGRADE your order (at no charge) to my Version 2 motor, which is the blue Evinrude shown elsewhere on my website.

Skiff Features:  Wooden construction, fully assembled, ready to display. Wood paddle, anchor, anchor line, crab net (fabric mesh) and two bushel baskets.  Skiff is painted white, with a WHITE floor (not gray, as shown in photos), copper/red bottom paint, blue/white motor (removable) and black stand. DISPLAY CASES DO NOT COME WITH BOAT MODELS.  DISPLAY CASES ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.

Dimensions:  Skiff with Evinrude is 16.00” long X 6.00” wide X 4.00” high (when mounted on stand).  Model is approx. 1:12 scale.  Boat is removable from stand.

Lead Time to Ship:  1 week or less

Part Number: SKE



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