Miniature Outboard Motor, Johnson (Red) with Gas Tank

Miniature Outboard Motor, Johnson (Red) with Gas Tank

Description: Miniature Johnson outboard motor, handcrafted, polyresin construction, hand painted in authentic colors (red and white) with accurate features. Motor based on classic 1957 Johnson 18 HP. Includes mini red 6-gallon gas tank with two “gas lines” (black wires) extending from tank. Gas lines can be formed into whatever position you desire and ends of lines insert into two small holes (grommets) on port side of motor. If desired, a drop of super glue will ensure gas lines remain connected to motor. This innovative outboard is a static model, NON-FUNCTIONING, for display purposes only. Outboard mounts easily on transom of any of our skiffs or on your existing boat model.

Outboard can also be mounted on optional (not included with purchase of motor) display stand. Stand is shown in photos only to keep outboard in vertical orientation. Please click here to go to white display stand page.

Dimensions: Motor is 4.75” high X 1.25” wide X 2.25” deep (3.25” to front of steering handle), when viewed from front. Gas tank is .88” high X 1.00” wide X 1.50” long and gas lines are 7” long. Motor and tank are approx. 1:12 scale (1” of model equals 12” of real motor).

Lead Time to Ship: 1-2 days.

Part Number: OJR



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