Cletus The Clever Crab

Cletus The Clever Crab

Description: Cletus got fed up with people eating his relatives so he built a "reverse crab trap". For bait, he doesn't use chicken parts, bull lips or razor clams. He uses a cheeseburger! And he's a very good crabber so it's payback time. His victims are unfortunate swimmers, destined to become crab dinner. Look closely - each is different. Chesapeake crab replica is part #BCRB-C, molded PVC, with 2" X 2" X 2" crab pot, line, float and four victims. Bottom of trap hangs about 6" from claw. Best when displayed on shelf or edge of table. Fantastic gift for crabbing enthusiasts and crab lovers!

Crab Dimensions: Approx. 6.75" long X 5.50" wide X 1.50" high

Lead Time to Ship: 1-2 days 

Part Number: BCRB-C



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