Buy Boat

Buy Boat

Description:  Buy Boats (also called Buyboats) acted as “middlemen” on the Bay, purchasing oysters, crabs and fish from commercial watermen while still at the harvesting grounds. Being motorized vessels, they could get the harvest to the ports (and processing houses, and to market) faster than Skipjacks and other workboats could accomplish this task. By selling the day’s catch to the Buy Boat operator, watermen could continue working the waters for a longer period each day.  Initially seafood-oriented, Buy Boats eventually acted as freight vessels, transporting produce and all sorts of other products across the Bay. Buy Boats were often 45’ to 65’ in length, with a mast and boom for handling cargo. These boats were popular throughout the 1900’s. Now, only a couple dozen remain on the Bay.  Most of these have been converted to pleasure craft and some are involved with tourist activities.

Features:  Wooden construction, fully assembled, ready to display. Fully rigged mast and boom, anchor with chain and line, railings, two life rings, three doors (nonfunctional), navigation lights, spotlight, exhaust pipes and ladder. Boat is painted white, with copper/red bottom paint and wooden stand, painted black.

Dimensions:  Buy Boat model is 31.50” long X 9.50” wide X 21.13” high (when mounted on stand). Model is approx. 1:24 scale. Boat is removable from stand.

Lead Time to Ship:  3-4 weeks

Part Number: BBT



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