Skipjack, Sails Up, with Stand

Skipjack, Sails Up, with Stand

Description:  Since the late 1800’s, the Skipjack has held an important position in the history of the Chesapeake Bay. The Skipjack was officially designated “Maryland State Boat” in 1985. We're proud to offer this beautiful Skipjack model, perfect for display on your mantle! Handcrafted, wooden construction, fully assembled, with "sails up" orientation and immense attention to detail.

Features:  Two sails (mainsail and jib), blocks and rigging, wooden mast hoops, bowsprit and decorative trailboards, anchor windlass, two anchors with chain, dredge winder, dredge rollers, water barrel, captain’s wheel, aft cabin, deck houses, centerboard, rudder and push boat (yawl boat) on black davits. Model displays on a sturdy black stand (boat is removable from stand).

Dimensions:  Skipjack on stand, 24.50" long X 6" wide X 22" high. Weight, 4 lbs.

Part Number: SKSU-BS



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