Skipjack, Waterline Model, Mahogany, with Display Case

Skipjack, Waterline Model, Mahogany, with Display Case

Description: Designed as a perfect desktop model, Skipjack Waterline Model is fully assembled, with details down to the waterline and a mahogany finish base. A display case is included, to avoid dust, dirt and handling of the model. Skipjacks hold an important position in the history of the Chesapeake Bay. Officially designated “Maryland State Boat” in 1985, Skipjacks are sturdy, single- masted, oyster dredging boats, ideally suited for the relatively shallow and often tempestuous waters of the Chesapeake Bay. At one point, as many as 2,000 Skipjacks existed but today, only a few remain, with most maintained for historical and tourism purposes. The oyster dredging season runs from October through March but you can have this Skipjack on display all year long!

Features: Two sails (mainsail and jib), detailed rigging, bowsprit, deck houses, aft cabin, helm station, deck planking, water barrel and push boat on davits. Mast, decking, cabin tops and railings are varnished wood. Overall boat is resin and wood construction. Display case has clear acrylic sides and top with mahogany finish base. Bottom of base includes protective black felt.

Dimensions: Case is 11.25” long X 3.38” wide X 10.00” high. Skipjack model is 10.00” long X 2.50” wide X 8.00” high. Boat is securely attached to base.

Lead Time to Ship: 2-3 days

Model Number: SKWM-M



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