Skipjack Sailboat


Skipjack Sailboat

Description:  Since the late 1800’s, the Skipjack has held an important position in the history of the Chesapeake Bay for both Maryland and Virginia. The Skipjack was officially designated “Maryland State Boat” in 1985.  A Skipjack is a sturdy, wooden, single-masted, oyster dredging sailboat, with an aft cabin and a “push boat”. Most Skipjacks are 40’ to 50’ in length and ideally suited for the relatively shallow and often tempestuous waters of the Chesapeake Bay. With the oyster dredging season running from October through March, a job on one of these vessels was certainly not an easy one. Oyster dredging peaked in 1884 with a total Chesapeake Bay harvest of 15 million bushels. Due to a variety of factors (over-harvesting, disease, loss of oyster habitat, etc.), the annual harvest has unfortunately plummeted to a recent figure of less than 200,000 bushels. At one point, as many as 2,000 of these boats existed on the Bay. Of the few Skipjacks that remain (about 40), most are maintained as historical treasures and for tourism purposes.

Features:  Wooden construction, fully assembled, ready to display. Two sails (mainsail and jib), long boom, mini blocks and rigging, bowsprit, low freeboard, wide beam, square stern, cable reel, barrel, captain’s wheel, aft cabin, deck houses and a push boat with davits. Our Skipjack also includes beautiful varnished decks and cabin tops (O.K., this last part is not exactly historically accurate but it’s nice for display purposes).

Dimensions:  Skipjack model is 29” long X 6” wide X 29.50” high (mounted on stand).  Model is approx. 1:24 scale.  Boat is not removable from stand.

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