Oyster Boat, with Illuminated Cabin

Oyster Boat, with Illuminated Cabin

Description:  Hand tonging is a common method of harvesting oysters.  This grueling job is often done in cold and dangerous weather conditions.  It involves the waterman standing on the wide washboards (side decks) of the boat, feeling for the “toe rail” with his boots for proper positioning.  This is done while concentrating on lowering the tongs to the oyster bed, squeezing the handles together to gather a batch of oysters, raising them to the surface and dumping them on the culling table to sort “keepers” from “throw-backs”.  Our Oyster Boat includes a unique illuminated cabin created by a small LED light strip, hidden 9V battery (included) and simple on/off switch.

Features:  Wooden construction, fully assembled, ready to display. Hand tongs (oyster tongs) with wooden handles, three barrels of oysters housing real oyster shells (cleaned of course), culling table with real oyster shells, antennas, lights, hand rails, boat hook, fabric mesh crab net, fuel tank, interior cabin details and illuminated cabin.  Boat is painted white, with gray interior, copper/red bottom paint and wooden stand, painted black. DISPLAY CASES DO NOT COME WITH BOAT MODELS.  ALL DISPLAY CASES ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.

Dimensions:  Oyster Boat model is 31.00” long X 10.38” wide X 12.50” high (when mounted on stand).  Antennas add 2.50” to height.  Model is approx. 1:12 scale.  Boat is removable from stand.

Lead Time to Ship:  2-3 weeks

Part Number: OBT



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