Miniature Outboard Motor Display Stand (Satin Black)

Miniature Outboard Motor Display Stand (Satin Black)

Description: Display stand, cast metal construction (Britannia, Pewter-silver alloy), designed for use with miniature outboard motor (purchased separately). Hand painted, satin black color. Upper portion includes small rubber pad to assist with mounting and reduce chances of outboard falling off stand. Attractive stand is perfect way to nicely and accurately display unique miniature outboard motor (fits various other miniature outboards too).

This item is a black Outboard Display Stand only. Please click here to go to page showing (optional) miniature Evinrude outboard mounted on this stand.

Dimensions: Stand is 3.20” high X 1.90” wide X 2.58” deep, when viewed from front. Stand is approx.1:12 scale (1” of model equals 12” of real stand). Detailed dimensional drawing is available on request.

Lead Time to Ship: 1-2 days

Part Number: OSB



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