Crab Boat, with Illuminated Cabin

Crab Boat, with Illuminated Cabin

Description:  Real Crab Boats often catch crabs via the use of a trotline. This is a line, perhaps 1000’ long, with crab bait attached at selected intervals.  The line is weighted on each end, usually with chain, with floats attached to allow the waterman to locate the line. The Crab Boat proceeds along the line, which is slowly raised and dragged across a roller. The crabs feeding on the bait tumble into a large crab basket or are individually scooped into a crab net (dip net). Towards the end of the day, the line is retrieved using a trotline winder and often stored in a barrel. The next day, after re-baiting the line, the process is repeated. Our Crab Boat is enhanced with an illuminated cabin. This is arranged via a small LED light strip, hidden 9V battery (included) and simple on/off switch.

Features:  Wooden construction, fully assembled, ready to display. Swing-out crab basket, crab net (metal mesh dip net), culling box with legs, dual control stations, antennas, lights, hand rails, barrel with lid, boat hook, trotline winder, fuel tank, cockpit hard top, clear windows, interior cabin details and illuminated cabin.  Boat is painted white, with white interior, copper/red bottom paint and wooden stand, painted black. DISPLAY CASES DO NOT COME WITH BOAT MODELS.  ALL DISPLAY CASES ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.

Dimensions:  Crab Boat model is 30.75” long X 9.50” wide X 13.00” high (when mounted on stand).  Antennas add 1.75” to height.  Model is approx. 1:12 scale.  Boat is removable from stand.

Lead Time to Ship:  2-3 weeks

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