Certain customers want a model of their boat - or their dad’s boat, their grandfather’s boat, or a boat that for whatever reason went away years ago. We get numerous requests for these and we’re happy to tackle these projects. Examples of a few previous custom (one-off) jobs are shown below.

It is important to understand custom models are not inexpensive items and they are higher in price than the standard models shown on our website. Customs require an immense amount of time to produce plus they often require special components to make them as close as possible to the real boat. Custom models can take 4-5 months to complete, so you must be patient.

If you have interest in a custom model, please email us 2-3 initial photos, along with basic information about the real boat (year, brand, length, beam, draft, name). Please give us an idea as to the scale/size you want for the model. Here, our Scale Guidelines will help (keep in mind, the larger the model, the higher the price). We may have a few more questions and ultimately, we’ll send you a formal proposal. If accepted, we’ll assume you have additional photos you can send later. Ideally, we look for photos of the bow, stern, port side and starboard side, with boat in and out of the water but if all these shots are not available, we can often still create a fantastic custom model.

All of our customers have been thrilled with their final products and we promise you’ll feel the same way about your model!